Monday, June 01, 2015

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Heart Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Many vegetarians rely too much on white carbs, overly processed meat alternatives, and cheese, to reach their energy needs. But, regularly eating this type of diet is not healthy for your heart.


A vegetarian diet can, however, be very healthful and nutritious, when carefully planned to include all of the essential nutrients,... Read moreChevron

Foods That Raise HDL Cholesterol

With so much hype about how "bad" LDL cholesterol is, you may have completely overlooked HDL cholesterol. However, HDL cholesterol plays a very important role in your heart health. 


In fact, research suggests that a five-point reduction in HDL cholesterol levels, is linked to a 25% increase in heart disease... Read moreChevron

Fish Oil For Lowering Cholesterol

Most people know fish oil is good for them, but exactly why and how much is needed, is a little uncertain in most people's minds.


Fish oil has, indeed, been shown by researchers to reduce your chance of getting heart disease, by improving blood cholesterol levels. If you are at risk for coronary heart... Read moreChevron

Three Ways to Lower Your Triglyceride Levels

Last week I talked about triglycerides and how they affect our health, and this week we want to go a little further in that discussion, to look at some of the dietary changes which will help you reduce your triglyceride levels.


Three... Read moreChevron

Triglycerides: How Do They Affect Your Health?

We hear a lot about "cutting our saturated fat intake" these days, but unfortunately protecting your heart health is an awful lot more complicated than that.

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