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syed Iqbal Hussain shahid MD
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Dr Syed Shahid has many interests. He ejoys reading scietific magazines. He likes to keep himself busy with latest medical researches. He has special interest in Alzheimer's illness. he has strong evidence that this tragedy can be delayed (if not prevented) for as long as 25 - 30 years and even longer,  if one follows Dr Shahid'd six principles of health faithfully. He likes to make friends with those who have similar interests as his. He has few friends and they all appreciate what he is doing for humanity. He believes in positive thinking. In his opinion one must pursue those interests which make one believe in oneself. He loves to play tennis,  table tennis and cricket if he can find time. Travelling is his other interest. He has travelled all over the world. He enjoys different cultures and their varied way of life. Lately world politics has become his passion. He wishes to see peace in the world but he doesn't think it is possible because of the greed in the mind of most of the industrialised nations who are exploiting third world countries. He is also interested in writing a book about his Six Principle of Health (EUREKA). He is already in the process of making it happen. He wants the whole world to know his secret of healthy long life.


None. DR Shahid does not believe in drugs of any kind.


Dr Syed Shahid MD    


Dr Syed Shahid MD received his medical degree ( MD ) from Punjab University (Pakistan) in 1963. He did his post-graduation in Internal Medicine in UK. After that he proceeded to USA, where he got Board Certification in Family Practice, Psychiatry & Neurology.   Dr Shahid also has extensive study in many other fields. Such as Astronomy, Anthropology, Theology, Paleontology, Sociology & political Science.   Dr Shah id lived in USA for 25 years.During that time he had assignments in many medical fields. Mostly his work was devoted to combined family practice & Psychiatry ( known as Holistic Medicine ). During his stay in USA, Dr Shahid was disillusioned by the way Medicine was practised in USA. He noticed that access to Medical treatment was directly proportion to the ability of the patient to pay. In other words the availability of the best medical facilities, highly trained physicians & the latest technology in the field was only possible if patients' pocket could afford it. This was contrary to Dr Shahid's belief. He likes patients to be treated irrespective of their capacity to pay.This kind of benevolence is nonexistent in USA.   Dr Shahid, therefore, joined World Health Mission to help the poor. He obtained a Diploma in Tropical diseases from London & travelled all over the world, mainly in third world countries, where Tropical illnesses abound. While travelling all across the continents, Dr Shahid found that the epidemic of " inaccessibility to medical treatment " ( if one cannot afford it ), was not just prevalent in USA. It was all over the world. It was a kind of pandemic which has never been addressed before. Dr Shahid wondered why "WHO" (World Health Organization), who suppose to take care of World's Health problems had never thought of it. Every day thousands of people are dying in the world, not because of the medical illness, but because of the lack of affordability to pay for its treatment. On top of this everyday the cost of medical treatment is getting higher & higher. It has already reached to almost astronomical proportion. Which means poor just cannot afford it.   What should be the solution??   Dr Shahid asked himself. After 42 years of spending time in various disciplines of medicine, many other fields of human interest & travelling all over the world, Dr Shahid came to one final conclusion that :-   " Almost all human ailments are preventable."                                                    EUREKA    Dr Shahid finally found a "Panacea" ( the solution to all the medical problems ).   Prevention is the answer, "NOT" the treatment of medical illnesses.   This is not a new concept. It is known for hundreds of years that "prevention is better than cure". However, Dr Shahid has put it in its proper perspective & has given a new meanings to the word prevention. He has, therefore, now focused all his attention on Preventive Medicine. He has found a secret to healthy & long life.   Dr Shahid explains. It consists of six principles. Three of which are Do's & the other three are Dont's. He strongly believes that human mind, body & spirit are all intertwined. Which means one cannot separate one from the other. Therefore, a holistic approach has to be taken whenever one has to deal with humans.   His Six principles, 'The secret of Health & Longevity' , are based on " Holistic Preventive Medicine " If someone follows these six principles, Dr Shahid guarantees a long & healthy life, (even as long as 100 to 125 years or longer ), without ever having to see a doctor..   Here are the six principle of SMPH (spiritual,physical and mental health).   I. The Three do's are :   1. Balanced Diet 2. Exercise (Physical, mental and spiritual) 3. Recreation and relaxation   II. The three Dont's are :   4. Don't smoke and don't take any prescribed or unprescribed substance. 5. Don't overeat or under eat. 6. DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING.   IF YOU FOLLOW THE ABOVE 6 PRINCIPLE OF HEALTH, YOU CAN LIVE UP TO 125 YEARS OF HEALTHY AND SICKNESS FREE LIFE.   Alzheimer is an illness which is inevitable if you are inherently prone to it. Nevertheless, it can be delayed for another 25 - 30 years, if one stick to Dr Shahid's six principles of heath faithfully.


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