Thursday, August 21, 2014
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  • Birthday: November 26, 1968
  • Bio: I have been living with RA, Osteo and Fibro 25+ yr. Recently dx'd with osteoporosis and high BP
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Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Osteoarthritis,  Fibromyalgia,  Osteoporsis,  Degenerative Disc Disease,  chronic pain related depression,  severe anemia. Avascular Necrosis. High Blood Pressure,  Femoral Nerve Neuropathy. Peripheral Nerve dysfunction.


prednisone,  arava,  simponi,  nexium,  cymbalta,  , norco,  neurontin,  folix,  lithium,  latuda,  klonopin,  lisinipril, prescription strength Iron and Vit D. vitamin packets.


Hi, I'm Ronie. I am a 42 year old woman and the third generation of women in my family to suffer through RA. Mom and Grandma died from complication from RA. I am currently on disability and testing Simponi. I have used Enbrel and Humira in the past with great results but health problems stopped the bio meds and all other medications except prednisone for a while.  I am now back on a cocktail of meds and have just undergone a hip replacement and am scheduled for a knee replacement.  I spend the day watching my hands slowly and painfully twist.


Other than that, I am a mentor and life coach for troubled teens. I am a former welder, mechanic, caterer and driver for AAA. I have been a sports coach and an all around active person. People who have not seen me in a while are astonished by my wheelchair. But the wheels keep me moving and I can roll faster than I can walk. My mobility is gone but my mind is not as I have a head full of more information than I need.  I sometimes get very angry about the amount of pain I must endure. But I have only been knocked down not destroyed. As long as I can speak, you will hear my voice! I will someday ride my motorcycle again, even if just for a day.


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