Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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  • Bio: I'm a wife. mother, former school teacher and FM sufferer.
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I've had FM since puberty. I've been through the entire process and scope of diagnosis' and name changes. When I was younger I would take regular pain reliever to ease the pain a little. Now...well now at 54 the pain can be unbearable. I now have a good doctor who cares about me and believes me. He also gets very frustrated with the results his FM patients get. THAT IS BECAUSE HE CARES. Because of FM my heart is open to others in any kind of pain. I cherish "good" days and reach out to others more. I still grieve for the real me. It seems to be a burden I carry. I have a loving husband and son. I'm grateful God gave me an extrodiary ability to teach or I wouldn't still have a job. LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE. Well... at least at this hour I feel that way. :) (Update: I finally had to quit teaching.  I simply couldn't keep up.  The pain and fatigue became too much to bear and I couldn't manage my pain and fatigue.  I did not qualify for teacher disability because I couldn't prove pain or fatigue.  My family is hurting financially but I am doing better now that I can manage the pain and fatigue. I am experiencing grief over the loss of my identity as a teacher.  I still feel every day is an adventure!)


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Living With It in Chronic Pain

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