Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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So darn thankful!

While we take stock (vegetarian stock for me!) in all that we appreciate... consider recognizing those who make our lives with MS a little easier. (in a digital sorta way) Click this link and checkout all the... Read moreChevron

Who is your Hero?

Hello PWMS on HealthCentral!


Boy, it feels like ages since I've posted here and I must say... I've missed it (see MS SoftServe for what I've been doing)! Anyway. I'm popping in because I want to let you know about Wego's Health Activist Award. If you... Read moreChevron

MS You're Never Gonna Win- by Madeline Adams-Gurowitz

My daughter wrote this song for me about my MS. I'm watching it with the regularity of my morning pills. Thought you might enjoy it too~


Watch the Video Here: "MS You're Never Gonna Win"


Can you believe what I... Read moreChevron

Question of the Week: Advocate Schmadvocate!

I've always said that it is a cruel joke to expect a person living with MS - the chronic incurable disease that changes over years, months, heck - even days - to be his/her own advocate. I mean c'mon! How are we supposed to by-pass the emotions that are in-and-of-themselves paralyzing, to educate ourselves about our version of this... Read moreChevron

Question of the Week: That Auld Lang-List

This is a bizarre week, isn't it? We've survived the madness of the holidays; the shopping, the baking, the decorating, the eating, the wrapping, the opening, the eating, the smiling, the eating, the singing, the eating and finally the Alka-Seltzering. Hopefully our celebrations were enjoyed without major incident (no food... Read moreChevron