Monday, November 24, 2014
Natalia Hernandez
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Breast cancer,  Breast cancer which spread,  Chemotherapy,  Radiation therapy,  skin sparing modified radical mastectomy,  nipple reconstruction,  cancare


Cipro,  morphine,  lorazepham,  kytrill,  oridia my chemo and others I dont remember i will update once i get the name.


I just turned 27 and I got diagnosed with a stage four breast cancer which had spread all over my back as well as tail bone and pelvic bone.  I have been going through chemo for 6 months now, I have had a reaction to it so here has been improvement.  I will be having my mastectomy of my left breast on the 28th of this month and hopefully the tumors on my back will soon disapear as well once the mastectomy is complete. My bones in my back have been deteareorted by the tumors and are now very weak and causes me much pain in my back, but they will eventually heal with time it is a lengthy process. I have gone through many things since this process has started I would love to help anyone that needs it and if you have any questions about anything ask me I may be of help.



Living With It in Breast Cancer

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