Monday, September 01, 2014

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Breast Health for the Woman Over 70

Have you heard the joke about the old woman with the droopy breasts?  If you haven’t, you will.  The cartoons and jokes making the rounds on the senior circuit about sagging breasts compete with jokes about forgetfulness and bad hearing.   Women who live long enough will find that their breasts sag.  For women over... Read moreChevron

Breast Health in your 50's and 60's

Women in their fifties and sixties are all different.  Some still enjoy their work; others can’t wait to retire.  Some are happily raising children or grandchildren; others are delighted to finally have an empty nest.  But no matter her circumstances, every woman is facing the changes in her body that aging... Read moreChevron

The Wrong Trend: Too Many IBC Patients Not Receiving the Best Treatments

I was stunned to read that death rates from inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) may be rising because some doctors are not following the standard protocol for treatment.   Inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive disease.  The survival rate for patients who receive just a mastectomy is so dismal that there was a time when IBC patients... Read moreChevron

Post-Mastectomy Pain: What Should You Do?

I often said the surgery part of my cancer treatment was the easiest.  Not that there were no problems, but there was less pain than I expected and fewer side effects compared to chemo or radiation.  I didn’t know that post-mastectomy pain and complications may come years later.  One study found that up to one-half of... Read moreChevron

Seven Strategies for Avoiding Unemployment After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In April 1998, I accepted a teaching job with an August start date.  Later that same month I found out that I had inflammatory breast cancer and that I would still be in treatment in August.  From that point until my retirement in 2013, I was balancing health and work considerations.     Other breast cancer survivors have... Read moreChevron