Friday, November 28, 2014

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Project LEAD: Learning about Breast Cancer

Were you a student who said, “Why do I need to know about DNA?  When will I ever use math?”  I was.  I had no plans for a career in math or science.  Struggling through genetics and equations seemed pointless.  I was proven right in most of my adult life.  Remembering that genetics stuff was handy when... Read moreChevron

Breastfeeding: Benefits for You and Your Baby

You probably have heard about the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, but what about for mothers?  How can breastfeeding benefit you and your baby?  Suppose you cannot breastfeed for some reason?  What then?


Benefits for... Read moreChevron

“Together We Are Stronger than the Disease”: A Major Report on Metastatic Breast Cancer

In December 1997, I visited with my aunt, a seven-year breast cancer survivor.  In March of 1998, she died from breast cancer that had spread throughout her body.  I traveled to her funeral, delaying my own appointment with a breast surgeon who was treating me for an apparent infection.  Returning... Read moreChevron

A Story Half Told: What Do You Know about Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Considering that it kills about 40,000 people in the United States every year, remarkably little is known about metastatic breast cancer (MBC).  About 1 in 3 of the women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will progress to have it, or is that 1 in 5?  Estimates on how many women are currently... Read moreChevron

Ten Things Your Friend with Metastatic Breast Cancer Wants You to Know

Did you just find out that your friend has Stage IV cancer?  Or has she been living with it for years defying her doctors’ predictions?  It can be a challenge to understand what your friend is going through.  The public face of breast cancer is very pink and cheerful.  Your... Read moreChevron