Tuesday, February 09, 2016

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Can a Cancer Moonshot End Cancer as We Know It?

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Predicting the Course of Metastatic Breast Cancer: Not a Simple Path

Suppose a mathematician could tell you the chances that your cancer would spread and how long you are likely to live if it does metastasize?  Would you want to know?  Metastasis, becoming Stage 4,  is what every cancer patient fears when she first hears her diagnosis.  A new Read moreChevron

Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Research for Now and in the Future

Triple negative breast cancer has been in the news for several years now because it has been so difficult to treat.  Now it is in the news because new treatments are on the way that may change treatment protocols.


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Making a Medication List

Two recent events reminded me of the importance of taking a list of my medications when I go to the doctor.  I waited at the clinic in my drug store to get my flu shot while the nurse-practitioner went through my medical records on her computer.  


I said, “It must be a lot easier with computerized medical... Read moreChevron

New Drug Approved to Fight Chemo-induced Nausea

Perhaps the most dreaded chemotherapy side effect—right up there with hair loss—is nausea and vomiting.  It’s the first question... Read moreChevron