Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Helping to End Breast Cancer by 2020


I have been skeptical about the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Read moreChevron

Promising Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

If you follow cancer research, you almost certainly are frequently frustrated by splashy reports about the latest breakthroughs that turn out to be tiny advances in petri dishes in a lab.  From the lab to your doctor’s office, finding a new treatment is usually a process at least a decade long.  This August I have read several... Read moreChevron

Immunotherapy: Helping the Body Attack Cancer


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When Breast Cancer Deaths Overwhelm Us


Breast cancer and death is something we don’t like to think about. 


Catchy T-shirt slogans tell us to... Read moreChevron

A Male Breast Cancer Advocate


When the doctor told Mike Singer in 2010 that his biopsy had tested positive for breast cancer, he turned to his wife with an expletive... Read moreChevron