Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Post-Mastectomy Pain: What Should You Do?

I often said the surgery part of my cancer treatment was the easiest.  Not that there were no problems, but there was less pain than I expected and fewer side effects compared to chemo or radiation.  I didn’t know that post-mastectomy pain and complications may come years later.  One study found that up to one-half of... Read moreChevron

Seven Strategies for Avoiding Unemployment After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In April 1998, I accepted a teaching job with an August start date.  Later that same month I found out that I had inflammatory breast cancer and that I would still be in treatment in August.  From that point until my retirement in 2013, I was balancing health and work considerations.     Other breast cancer survivors have... Read moreChevron

Guide to Summer Clothes After a Mastectomy

Summer is here.  Time to enjoy the pool and tennis, short sleeves and sundresses.  I love summer, but I confess I loved it more before breast cancer.  Finding summer clothes that don’t show my scars and a prosthesis that lets me enjoy summer activities can be a challenge.  Here are some tips that may help you if you have... Read moreChevron

Massage May Help You Cope with Breast Cancer

When I was in chemotherapy, I asked my oncologist whether it would be OK for me to have a massage for relaxation.  He thought it would be fine.  An oncology nurse recommended a massage therapist with a nursing background, and off I went for a massage.     But the massage therapist was reluctant to do a massage on a cancer... Read moreChevron

Why I Didn't Have Reconstruction

Before I had cancer, I read about a woman who had breast reconstruction after breast cancer. One of the reasons she was happy with her reconstruction was that she could now wear low-cut clothing. How vain, I thought. Why would anyone have surgery for a neckline?   Then I had a mastectomy myself.  Because the doctor found two tumors on my... Read moreChevron