Friday, April 18, 2014

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Why I Didn't Have Reconstruction

Before I had cancer, I read about a woman who had breast reconstruction after breast cancer. One of the reasons she was happy with her reconstruction was that she could now wear low-cut clothing. How vain, I thought. Why would anyone have surgery for a neckline?   Then I had a mastectomy myself.  Because the doctor found two tumors on my... Read moreChevron

Will Taking Fertility Drugs Increase My Risk for Breast Cancer?

When Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer, many speculated that taking fertility drugs might have been a factor in causing her cancer.  Some studies seemed to support that taking fertility drugs raises a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, but so does being childless.   A woman who desperately wants a baby tries... Read moreChevron

Healing Ceilings: Using Art to Help Cancer Patients

Years ago I had a doctor who had a mobile of birds over her examining table.  Another doctor taped a poster to the ceiling.  I loved having something to look at while I lay flat on my back.  Later when I was undergoing chemo, the lab where I had my blood drawn had a calendar with pictures of seasonal nature scenery.  It... Read moreChevron

How to Do a Breast Self-Examination

It certainly sounds like a no-brainer--if you want a free, effective way to screen for breast cancer, teach women to examine their breasts.  After all, up to 70% of breast cancers are found by women checking their own breasts.  Unfortunately, it turns out that Breast Self-Examination (BSE) isn’t as effective as people had... Read moreChevron

Can a Food Prevent Cancer? Tips for Evaluating Studies about Foods and Breast Cancer

On any given day you can see headlines touting studies that claim a given food will have some miraculous effect on your health.  These studies can be very confusing because often today’s “good” food was yesterday’s “bad” food.   A recent study published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment is... Read moreChevron