Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Do you have questions about headaches or Migraines? Many of our readers do, and Dr. David Watson and Teri Robert are here to help you with them. Dr. Watson is a is a UCNS certified migraine and headache specialist and the director of the headache center at West Virginia University.


If you have a question, please click HERE. Accepted questions will be answered by publishing the answers here. Due to the number of questions submitted, no questions will be answered privately, and questions will be accepted only when submitted via THIS FORM. Please do not submit questions via email, private message, or blog comments. Thank you.


Please note: We cannot diagnose, suggest specific treatment, or handle emergencies via the Internet. Please do not ask us to diagnose; see your physician for diagnosis. For an overview of how we can help and questions we can and can't answer, please see Seeking Migraine and Headache Diagnoses and Medical Advice.



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