Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Ask the Clinician's Posts

Is cluster headache considered migraine? Treated with surgery?

Full Question: I suffer with Cluster Headaches (severe pain behind my eye, as if someone were using an ice pick behind my eye ball.)  This is the only symptom. I take Imitrex which can stop the onset if taken early enough. Sometimes it comes on without much warning and the although the medicine might lessens the pain, it is still severe and... Read moreChevron

Cluster migraines brought on by barometric pressure changes?

Full Question: My husband suffers from chronic cluster migraines which he is working with a neurologist and has greatly improved over the past year. The issue that I can not seem to help him with is barometric pressure headaches. It seems that now he will have a spell every six months and will have to take a cycle of steroids to stop the pain from... Read moreChevron

Would Lupron help, make my migraines worse, or not affect me at all?

Full Question: I have migraine almost everyday. I am currently on Imitrex and I get Botox injections by my neurologist. I have abnormal cycles which seem to be triggering the migraines more, so one of my MDs suggested I try Lupron to help stop my cycles all together. My question is will the treatment of Lupron make the migraines worse? Or will it... Read moreChevron

Bad migraines, link between migraines and heart valve disease?

Full Question: I have bad migraine headaches all the time; nothing helps me. What I can do for it? What doctor must I see for this problem? I also have heart valve problems. Is there a link between migraines and heart valve disease? Scott.   Full Answer: Dear Scott;   Thank you for your questions. We'll take them separately and see if we... Read moreChevron

Does change in migraine pattern make me more susceptible to stroke?

Full Question: I've had chronic daily migraine for over 20 years. They have been bilateral not one-sided, for all this time. Lately I've been experiencing left-sided migraines with numbness and tingling in my extremities. I've had a TIA, mini stroke approximately 10 years ago and wonder if this change in my migraine pattern means I'm more... Read moreChevron