Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Episode Starting with Sore, Stiff Neck - Migraine?

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I'm not sure if I have migraines but when I move around it sounds or feels like a steel post is being... Read moreChevron

Can Fatigue Be a Silent Migraine Symptom?

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Fatigue as a silent migraine symptom? I have been diagnosed with chronic migraine and am taking Botox and... Read moreChevron

Clarify Statement About Migraine Trigger Site Surgery?

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I have a question regarding the article "Read moreChevron

Top Migraine and Headache Questions - 8/7/15

Do you have questions about headaches or Migraines? Many of our readers do, and Dr. David... Read moreChevron

Spinal Tap for Migraine or Headache Diagnosis?

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I have migraine causing refractory headaches for 10 years now, as well as severe osmophobia and chemical... Read moreChevron