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Ann Bartlett
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  • Bio: Wellness Center Owner, living with type 1 diabetes
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Type 1 Diabetes,  nutrition,  integrated wellness,  yoga,  running,  traveling and trying to keep life simple!


Apidra,  Levemir,  synthroid.


Ann Bartlett is an expert in balancing traditional, non-traditional, and lifestyle health choices to manage her own health. She has been a practicing massage therapist for 24 years for clients ranging from terminally ill to professional and world-class athletes and is owner of the Body in Balance Center, an integrated wellness practice in Alexandria, VA.


Ms. Bartlett has lived with juvenile diabetes since she was 5 years old. Her father was a founding board member of JDRF. A pilot for TWA, he used his international travels to find Type 1 researchers from around the globe and engage them in collaborative sharing.  He successfully fostered relationships in London, TeleViv and Milan and helped create the first international Type 1 diabetes symposium in the mid 70s.


As a result of her parents’ efforts, Ann developed a sense of responsibility for her diabetes care and a love for understanding the body in health and illness. Ann sees the challenges of living with diabetes as a gigantic puzzle for which lifestyle, management and research give clues for fitting the pieces together and keeping her engaged in her long-term health and happiness. 


After being rejected for health insurance due to Ann’s diabetes, Ann and her husband, Mike, studied healthcare policies to find a way around the roadblock. As a result, Ann’s husband became an independent health insurance broker working to help other people better understand their options and more recently, to understand the healthcare reform act.


Ann is a former board member of JDRF Capitol Chapter having served 6 years as outreach chair and research information volunteer. Ann has been a patient expert for for 4 years and served as the community leader for type 1 diabetes on Ann has been speaking at healthcare industry conferences and patient conferences.  Ann also serves as a consultant for Sanofi US diabetes.


All opinions are my own. 

You may find me on twitter: @annbartlett



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