Monday, June 01, 2015

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Drinking and Diabetes Part 2: Three Strategies for Managing Both

Previously, we looked at how the liver functions with alcohol, most specifically how it functions when you have diabetes. In this part we are looking at how the body is affected by alcohol and the insulin you... Read moreChevron

Drinking and Diabetes: Does It Drive Your Blood Sugar Up or Down?

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So, Your Spouse Has Just Been Diagnosed with Diabetes...

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like if anyone else in my family were diagnosed with diabetes. I know lots of families who have multiple type 1 members, which brings a certain set of problems.  However, what if your spouse was diagnosed with type 2?


What If Your... Read moreChevron

Probiotics: Could They be the Next Generation of Diabetes Drugs?



As a professional in the holistic business, I am one who believes that food plays a role in our health. How we choose food makes a huge difference in what is reflected in... Read moreChevron

Living With and Managing Diabetic Mastopathy

Breast care after the age of forty is mandatory, but for a woman with diabetes, breast care is a bit of a wild ride. In 1991, I had my first biopsy for a lump I found in my breast. At age 34, I had a baseline mammogram, and at age... Read moreChevron