Saturday, August 29, 2015

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How Summer Camps Fostered A Confidence To Help Me Thrive With Diabetes

In all the years of living with diabetes, I never thought about the example I might be for the people around me, with and without diabetes. An example of what I mean are my memories of summer camp in Maine.


Camp had always been about friendship and the skills that I developed, during my 9 summers in Maine, but it... Read moreChevron

How To Get Your Preferred Insulin Covered By Health Insurance

One of the biggest frustrations for anyone living with diabetes is getting the insulin you want covered by your health insurance. After 45 years of living with type 1, I have come to know that certain rapid acting insulin causes me to have peaks and valleys that I struggle to control.

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Healing vs. Curing Diabetes: What Is The Difference?

A few weeks ago, I met up with a group of alternative practitioners for dinner. As we went through introductions, I heard everyone’s story of miraculous life-altering cures from products based in seaweed to supplements to aromatherapy, and praise for the efforts to make our world a more natural place.

When it came time to talk... Read moreChevron

Drinking and Diabetes Part 2: Three Strategies for Managing Both

Previously, we looked at how the liver functions with alcohol, most specifically how it functions when you have diabetes. In this part we are looking at how the body is affected by alcohol and the insulin you... Read moreChevron

Drinking and Diabetes: Does It Drive Your Blood Sugar Up or Down?

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