Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Google Gets into Diabetes Care with Smart Contact Lens


Earlier this week, the news that was catching everyone’s attention was Google’s announcement that it had a new licensing deal with Novartis to bring its smart contact lens to the market. Among... Read moreChevron

Diabetes and the NIH

Continued from part 1: How NIH Came To Be


As NIH began to expand its grants program, they realized they needed more category institutes to appropriately focus their... Read moreChevron

FDA Approves Inhaled Insulin Afrezza

Alfred Mann has been working tirelessly for the diabetes community to make a painless way to take insulin. 


Mann is an entrepreneur who has invested in biotechnology since the early 1970s. He is the developer of the cardiac pacemaker and the insulin pump... Read moreChevron

How the NIH Came to Be

For anyone living with a condition, like diabetes, advancement in medicine and technology is a lifeline to hope. Without medical and management advances, some of our friends with diabetes wouldn’t be with us, which is what makes the NIH an official ambassador of hope.


When I am looking to broaden my knowledge on a... Read moreChevron

Help Bring Timesulin to the US

I’ve talked about the important ingredient added to Novo Nordisk’s Echo Pen and Will DuBois was over the moon about it! <> But the flip side of this story is that we only have one... Read moreChevron