Friday, August 26, 2016

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David Giwerc

David Giwerc, Community Member

David Giwerc,MCC, Founder/President of the ADD Coach Academy, the world’s largest ADHD comprehensive coach- training program and the only ADHD coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation, ICF.the governing body for the coaching profession. David is a Master Certified Coach, MCC. He has been coaching Entrepreneurs and business professionals with ADHD for over a decade.

Time is on Your Side-- Moving the Clock Forward

Sunday we move our clocks forward one hour. Every time this happens and we are required to do this, I feel as though I am being ripped off one precious hour of sleep, fun, work etc. Having ADHD means I have to remember to Pause and Pay Attention to what I am Paying Attention to.



So when I ... Read moreChevron


Gary, Community Member

Diebetic for 32 years

Humulin insulin and no C-peptides

C-Peptides MESSAGE:



I have been doing alot of digging in to the fact that my body needs c-peptides as I have been a type 1 diebetic for 32 years since the age of 30. I took pork and beef type insulin until it was no longer available. I was into martial arts for 18 years while taking the pork/beef... Read moreChevron

Healthy Shanna

Healthy Shanna, Community Member

My passion is for changing lives with health & wellness

Like Diamonds...Antioxidants are a girls best friend

Good Morning,

OK, I must admit it wasn't until a few years ago I began to understand the true power of antioxidants. I always figured as long as I have my daily "alphabet vitamins" all would be well. A few years ago, after having family members diagnosed with all different types of cancer & heart disease, I kept hearing talk of... Read moreChevron


hearmerawr, Community Member


Newbie to all of this.

Two days I was informed I acquired genital herpes. First, I was optimistic about it and knew I could deal with it...but that is what I do with most tough things I face when I first find out about it. I mask my anger, pain, sadness, with a smile. That did not last long. Soon, I was just uncontrollable and mentally just not stable. Kept asking... Read moreChevron