Why I Became a Urologist

Marc Greenstein Health Guide
  • I am very excited to be part of the Prostate Commons forum. When I became a physician, I chose to go into the field of urology because of the many advancements and ways to help people of all ages.

    Any prostate problem, whether it’s an infection, prostate enlargement or prostate cancer can be distressing, upsetting and worrisome. Men with prostate cancer, along with their family and friends, have many concerns from treatment options to quality of life 10 years down the road.

    The internet can be very informative and answer a lot of your questions. However, it can over-inform and be misleading. In my office practice, I see many people who read wrong information from the internet and become scared, misled and confused.
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    I hope the feedback through prostatecommons.com can provide you with some clarity and answer your questions. It is important that each person facing this diagnosis is well informed about their disease and the options that will be presented by their individual doctor.

    This blog will cover all aspects of prostate diseases. We’ll review cutting edge technology, recent advances in the urological field and discuss current findings as they are reported in the urological literature.

    I will also do my best to help clarify the basics of the disease from anatomy, to the progression of the cancer, through the treatments and then the recovery.

    Please submit your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them with a down-to-earth, straight forward answer. It is important to know that I cannot provide detailed medical advice. For that, you must seek the attention of your local urologist.

    I hope that we can have an ongoing dialog that will help the person who asks the question as well as the other readers of the blog.

    Leave a question in the comments, on the message boards, or write to feedback@prostatecommons.com!
Published On: January 03, 2007