Is it possible to have a normal healthy life with high PSA?

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  • If one has a high PSA, but no enlarged prostate or issues with urinary functions or sex, what is the real problem with a high PSA? Is it possible to have a normal healthy life with high PSA?

    This is a great question. First, let's review the normal range for prostate cancer. I commonly use the age-specific PSA which states that:

    • men 40-50 years old should have a PSA less than 2.5 ng/ml
    • men 50-60 should have a PSA less than 3.5 ng/ml
    • men 60-70 should have a PSA less than 4.5 ng/ml
    • men older than 70 should have a PSA less than 6.5 ng/ml

    A man will be referred to a urologist for an elevated PSA. There are 3 main reasons for a PSA to be elevated:

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    If there are any concerns that a man may have prostate cancer then a biopsy of the prostate will be performed. This is an easy, out-patient procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes. Certainly, there are men evaluated for a high PSA who do not have an infection, enlargement or cancer. Living with an elevated PSA poses no health risk. But, that man should be followed closely to make sure a prostatic disease, specifically prostate cancer, is not developing.

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Published On: March 26, 2007