Prostate Issues: 10 Things to Do Next

Jennifer G Health Guide
  • You've established that you have a prostate issue, but what else can you do for your overall health?  The initial doctors' visits, testing, diagnosis, and possible treatments are now in motion or complete, but here are some ideas to consider:


    Following Up With Doctors


    Now is a good time to consider following up with your diagnosing physician, whether it’s your primary care doctor or a urologist, in case you have new questions.  Also, if you aren't satisfied with your current doctor, you might consider switching.  And if you haven't already, you may now streamline your medical care by letting any of your other doctors know about your prostate issue(s.)

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    Finding a Support Network


    If you've found yourself here, then you've already worked on finding a trusty support network.  There are also in-person groups for issues such as prostate conditions/cancer/incontinence.  A great way to learn more about these are through a local hospital system or a non-profit agency such as the United Way or the Red Cross.


    Considering Therapy


    Sometimes group support is not the right route.  If you feel that you need individual time with a trained professional, perhaps you'd be wise to find a therapist.  They can be located through hospital systems or through insurance coverage plans.


    Evaluating Road Blocks


    Is there anything standing in your way right now?  A lack of communication with others or things in your life that are hindering you from making the most of what you've got?  Now is the time to reassess anything that is holding you back.


    Doing Further Research


    Do you feel that you know enough about your prostate issue(s) and all of their ramifications?  If not, try getting more information--- in written form--- from your doctor, or possibly the links to valuable websites.  You can then do research on your own.


    Altering Your Schedule or Re-evaluating Your Lifestyle


    Do you need to change some of your lifestyle issues to better handle your prostate issues?  Do you need to confide in your boss to have a better schedule or a desk with better access to a bathroom?  Do you need time off to take care of your health? Do you need any home adaptions? Changes in daily patterns can reduce stress levels.


    Changing Diet


    A change in eating and drinking patterns may not always change prostate issues, but contacting your doctor about this issue may return unexpected helpful hints. You may also be referred to a nutritionist. If you have prostate cancer, you may need to change your diet when you start treatment.


    Considering Physical Therapy and/or an Exercise Plan


    Consulting with a physical therapist can be beneficial: there are some pelvic exercises that can strengthen bladder and sphincter muscles (if you have incontinence issues.)  This may not be an option for everyone, but it's worth a try to find out.  Therapists can be found through your primary care doctor, and one might make a personal exercise plan for you.


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    Finding a Place of Peace and Gratitude


    A prostate issue definitely isn’t fun or joyful, but carving out a personal corner of happiness in life can greatly impact dealing with the condition.  Consider starting a journal or trying meditation. Therapists or support groups can often help with these ventures. Groups for prostate cancer may give valuable tips for dealing with stress.


Published On: September 23, 2010