Calling the Community!

CRegal Editor
  • I want to reach out the community and try to get some information and discussion flowing on this site.  There are a lot of people that may be in a situation where they are experiencing symptoms of BPH, have seen the commercials on TV for Flomax, but may not be ready or willing to see a doctor. 


    My question to the readers who have been there - what's your story? What were you experiencing before you saw your doctor? What made you take charge and see a doctor? How long did you suffer?  I would love to hear more from the community about decision points - when, where, why did you see the doctor?

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    There is a point where a distressed consumer needs to hear a first-hand account - not from a doctor, not from an Encyclopedia, not from the FDA - of like-symptoms.  Help out others who may be in a similar situation that you may have been in - tell your story!


Published On: January 25, 2011