Early symptoms of prostate trouble and how it hit me!

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  • I am 64 years old, and in the last four months have gone from perfectly healthy to being diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer.  BUT... the story started about five years prior.


    I was a very energetic, healthy, Business Development Director flying all over the world.  I loved my job, was excited to be in the cutting edge of Consumer Electronics, and was proud that nothing stopped me from doing my job.  I bullnosed through colds, worked trade shows with ACL damage, and faced every problem head on... or so I thought.


    Then, about five years ago, I noticed a very gradual drop in semen emissions.  It was very slight... and came on slowly!  THIS, I feel, is a definite symptom but you never see it expressed as a warning sign.  Nobody seems to even mention it.  So, I thought it was due to jet lag, being exhausted often, and a heavy work load.  My job came first and I just accepted it as "growing older". 

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    Then, about four years ago, I noted my ability to have an orgasm seemed to need a day in between.  I had no erection problem... I just had a harder time having an orgasm and I needed time in between.  The orgasms were fine as long as they were spaced apart.


    Still my job was what mattered and I did not want to bother the doctor about such a personal matter that was likely due to aging.  I ASSUMED... and that is where I urge you to NOT fool yourself like I did.  I should have immediately had a PSA test done which would have indicated trouble.  This test is as simple as drawing blood and is not painful nor time-consuming!


    Many more symptoms came and I will post in future shares about those other symptoms.  The point I want to make today is twofold: Do Not Assume and do not think all such symptoms end in prostate cancer.  So much of prostate trouble is simply prostate enlargement.  In the future I can tell the story of PSA numbers and what they mean... but even the PSA will confirm prostate problems but not whether it is cancer or not.  So, do not get too excited if you have any of the symptoms I have started mentioning.  Just do not assume it is too much work or advancing years!

Published On: January 26, 2011