PSA After Combined Hormone Therapy

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  • On (or about) March 10, I will be going for a new PSA test. This is going to be very important as it is the first such test AFTER I started Combined Hormone Therapy treatment for my prostate cancer.


    Shortly after my biopsy - which showed I had cancer all through my prostate - my Urologist set up a Bone Scan. That showed that the prostate cancer had spread (metastasized) to nearby bones. The urologist immediately had me get a shot in the hip that would shut down ALL testosterone in my body. WHY? Because the overwhelming percentage of prostate cancer feeds on testosterone. The injection was of Lupron. It didn't hurt, no problem, and I would get this injection every three months.

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    In addition to the Lupron, I also took treatment with Bicalutamide. This is known as Combined Hormone Therapy (CHT). Prior to my doctor's visit, I had read up on it and told the Urologist I wanted it. He concurred. THIS was the first time since learning I had cancer that I realized that fighting this cancer was MY BATTLE and I had to take control.


    Even the best Urologist or Oncologist needs for you to take charge to some extent. YOU have to make some decisions and YOU have to learn how you want to fight the cancer. In my case, prior to my diagnosis, I was strictly a red meat man. Porterhouse at Bones Restaurant in Atlanta was my all-time treat! When I learned the results of the biopsy, I went Vegan with chicken as the only exception. It was a HUGE change for my body.


    Through my research, I have also learned that there are incredible "supplements" that have been time-tested in Asia and other parts of the world that will actually attack cancer cells. You are not just keeping the cancer retarded, you are killing it. These necessary chemicals can exist in products ranging from simple red wine to exotic mushrooms extract. I will talk more about supplements in the future... but for right now let us stick to the upcoming PSA test.


    I started with a PSA of 61. My goal by March 10 (the next check-up) is to lower it enormously. They want to see me zero it out! That will establish my base level. The doctors then will retest the PSA every three months and establish a "Doubling Time," which will tell them how long I have before we may need to go to a second line therapy. If I do get it very low, I know I have some quality time left in my life. If I do not get it low enough, it may well be chemo for me. I have taken my supplements, done due diligence with CHT, gone Vegan, and I have every reason to feel like I will do very well.


    It is, however, going to be a life-changing decision. I am filled with confidence that I have done all I can to assure a great outcome. It is great to stack the deck in your favor when you can!!

Published On: March 03, 2011