Cabozantinib: A Miracle Drug in the Works?

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  • For those with prostate cancer that has metastasized (spread) to the bone (like me)... we are praying that Hormone Therapy will prolong our lives two to six years or more. It is thought that this therapy can effectively stop the cancer from getting worse and maybe even have it regress a bit. This, of course, is IF your cancer will work with the treatment (most will).


    This is obviously a good thing, but it destroys your sex life and there is potential that, over a period of time, your cancer can become effectively immune to the therapy.


    Now, something amazing is making news! Dr. David Smith of the University of Michigan spoke at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium a few weeks ago in Orlando on the drug Cabozantnib! This news is exceptional. The research team stopped the Phase 3 trial of Cabozantnib in mid-stream because the results were "remarkable." Instead they are going immediately to a Phase 4 trial with huge numbers of men in the trial.

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    Cabozantnib works by taking it for 12 weeks. At the end of that 12 weeks, the results were "continuing to show decreased disease activity in their bones on a bone scan". It does nothing to stop the actual prostate cancer itself, but it seems to stop the additional spreading dead in its tracks. I can live, I mean really LIVE, with that. THIS is a whole new ballgame that could be available to the general patient within a year. Now they are looking for people for the large Phase 4 trial.


    So... what's the downside? Surely there is a catch! I mean, almost every drug seems to warn of possible side effects (including but not limited to): death, slow and agonizing poisoning, your testicles falling off, or even worse. The worst side effects related to Cabozantinib were fatigue and decreased appetite! Granted, 71% experienced the fatigue and 52% had the decreased appetite... but I will gladly lose a bit of weight and experience fatigue compared to having prostate cancer eat up all my bones!


    I think this is incredible news and really fires up my desire to kick cancer in the butt!


    I am sure there will be more word at the next symposium on prostate cancer coming in Los Angeles in September! But for now... here is reason to hoist a few good glasses of red wine (which is good for you anyway) and celebrate a bit!

Published On: March 21, 2011