Meet Dr. Donald Feeney, MD

Donald Feeney, MD Health Guide
  • I have always believed that informing both my patients and their loved ones of the details, options, likely and unlikely outcomes, and alternative treatments to their health problems is the best way to help them navigate the uncertainty of any disease. This is especially true for diseases and conditions involving the prostate and related organs. Men, perhaps more than women, tend to keep their anxieties and fears to themselves. Explaining in easily understood language to them and their loved ones should be one of the mainstays of managing their disease and all the associated changes it may make in their and their loved ones lives. I would hope that my writing with this goal in mind will help those men and their extended family and significant friends.

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    You can find more background about my career as a Urologist, and years practicing medicine while serving in the military by visiting my profile.


Published On: October 08, 2008