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Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal, Community Member


Chronic Prostate Pain

for a long time, I've experienced pain in the lower back,pelvic pain and pain in the tip of penis. I'm always feeling of absolute fatigue. lasts for several days mostly, sometimes a week or so. two years ago, my doctor told me that it was chronic prostatitis, I don't know why antibiotics does not work for me, I tried different types of... Read moreChevron

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Paul, Community Member

61 very fit

Bleeding from penis

I have benign Prostate enlargement and suffer prostitis. I am 61. Very good health. 3 years ago started off and on bleeding from penis, had cystoscope blood work and ct scan All normal dr said my bleeding from irritated prostate,...also had 2 prior biopsys 12 core first time 18 months ago a 16 core,,all neg....repeating ct scan cyscospy but... Read moreChevron
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Antonio, Community Member


Blood in Semen, what to do? Im 17 :(

hi, i just wanted to say that im 17, and have been having issues from blood in the semen to pain in the testicle. All opinions welcome, thank you very much.


This has been going on for maybe 2 and a half years, and iv been going to the doctors ever since, be it gp or straight to hospital. I remember having and infection in... Read moreChevron

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Is Avodart necessary at all, after Laser Turp procedure?

I recently had successful laser TURP for enlarged prostate, and it was successful.  I thank G-d every day.  But now I am wondering if continuing to take AVODART would have any benifits at alll?  My doctor was vague about it.  It is good insurance, or basically unncessary?

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