• JonLuke JonLuke
    April 06, 2009
    What does this mean? Widespread osseous metastatic disease."
    JonLuke JonLuke
    April 06, 2009



    CLINICAL INFORMATION: Prostate carcinoma

    TECHNIQUE: Bone scan was done following the intravenous administration of 26.2 millicurics of technetium-99m HDP.

    FINDINGS: there are numerous abnormal areas of increase radionuclide activity throughout the ribs bilaterally, throughout the thoracic spine, and in the lumbar spine. Also in the pelvis, with the most prominent, pelvic foci in the left iliac crest and right acetabulum.

    There is an increase radionuclide activity with in the left mid and proximal femur and right proximal femur. There is also increased
    radionuclide activity in the right shoulder. Finding are new when compared to the previous examination done 02/21/08.

    1. Widespread osseous metastatic disease."



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