• Matt Matt
    March 16, 2009
    Semen release during bowel movement
    Matt Matt
    March 16, 2009

    I am 40 years old and in the last year, occasionally during a bowel movement I've released some semen (there is no orgasm sensation).  I haven't been as sexually active as previously and thought this might be some way my body is releasing built up semen (maybe some psychosomatic reaction to that fact).


    I visited a doctor, not because of this, but due to an increased sensitivity and soreness on the left side of my scrotum which I thought might be due to straining it through a lack of support in exercise.  I do a lot of swimming and running and just thought it was aggravated due to poor support.  He thought it was Epididymitis and prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory.  It hasn't been long, but I'm concerned because I wonder if it is due to this releasing of semen.


    To complicate things, I often have drawn out bowel movements.  The feces are very thin and it takes awhile for it to pass and often I'll go more often in that I feel the pressure to go.  Whether there is any problem with my colon, etc., I don't know.


    I don't know if its a physical cause or something pscyosomatic.  I don't know if the pressure I put (in pushing out the feces) could be stimulating the prostate (but again it is not an orgasm sensation as the semen comes out).


    This periodically took place (the release of semen during a bowel movement) at times over the last year or two but not all the time or that frequently.  Now it seems to happen very regularly.


    I wonder if I need to see a specialist.  I am currently taking the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory - about 3 days in.







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  • psferrari November 19, 2009
    November 19, 2009

    this is most likely just your bowels pressing on your prostate, massaging it or "milking it" (pressing on it) and squeezing out the fluid in your prostate. This would be composed of pre-ejaculate (prostatic) fluid and seminal fluid (semen or "cum"). There is nothing "wrong" with this per se.

    It is possible that your prostate is irritated. An irritated prostate is called, "prostatitis". This can be cause by benign things, or by more serious causes like prostate cancer.

    I would personally pay a visit to my MD or to a urologist. They would likely perform a test called a "PSA". Which involves NO PAIN. I think it just requires urinating (peeing "pissing") in a cup.


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