• Alexis Alexis
    October 23, 2009
    male breast growth from estrogen??
    Alexis Alexis
    October 23, 2009

    if a male takes estrogen to grow breasts, and gets to about tanner stage 2, and then stops taking estrogen and testosterone takes over, for about a year, and then they decide to continue estrogen, will they still be able to continue with breast development?


    took premarin 1.25mg for about 4-6 months off and on. not taking it anymre and i am soon going back on estrogen, but i have a fear that if i go back on estrogen that my breasts will not be able to continue growing.

    my breasts are in tanner stage 2, and i am 17 years old birthdate: 4/13/92, 120 pounds, 5'6.

    is this all in my head?



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