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Q: male catheter and father don't want it

My father has a swollen prostate and he has been taking prescribed medication for this. He has had incontenance problems for a couple of months. The doctor recommended a catheter. He has been using the catheter for a week and half. Had it changed after approximately 6 days. I thought they were going to take it out. Now he has had a second one for 3 days now and wants it out. He is an 11 year stroke patient and has to use an electric scooter. He has very limited use of the left side. What are possible solutions to not wanting the catheter. (small bag that is strapped to leg)

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Jay Motola, Health Pro
6/ 1/10 1:35am

It is most important to determine if your father has overflow incontinence as the source of his urinary leakage.  If he is in retention, than a condom catheter would not be a good idea, as his urine is just overflowing the sphincter mechanism and he needs his bladder empty. However, if he is just wetting himself due to other causes, than a condom catheter may be a viable choice.  Other consideration would be one of the minimally invasive procedures of the prostate that reduce the prostate volume.

helping dad, Community Member
6/14/10 7:12pm

thank you..I really appreciate the answer.,,.He is scheduled for a test on his bladder functioning in the next week or so. It was supposed to be today, but was canceled due to emergency on the part of the one doing the test. As if no one else can do the test. I am now questioning their ability. Wish we could use another doctor. But we really are in need of some answers. The ER doctor(weeks ago) said that he was not sure if it actually was enlarged prostate....My problem with that is ...why increase prostate medications if you are not sure. How does a doctor diagnose one with enlarged it by x-ray.?..The problem is just that...the urine seems to be overflowing because the bladder needs emptying...the issue was that when he thought he was finish, he actually was not finish and it was a constant leakage.

ray, Community Member
5/27/10 1:44am

I do believe that there is such a catheter called  a condom catheter

that hospitals on convalescents  use especially for men who can't tolerate

the indwelling catheters. Good luck!!!

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