• Jay Motola
    Health Pro
    June 01, 2012
    Jay Motola
    Health Pro
    June 01, 2012

    The only advice that I give patients who undergo radiation therapy for prostate cancer is to avoid foods that cause constipation. The foods that you wish to eat should be fine.


    • John
      June 01, 2012
      June 01, 2012

      You recently very kindly answered a question of mine concerning a diet I have been put on related to the preparation for a programme of radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

      I would like to have a second opinion concerning the treatment I am receiving and I hope it would not be  inappropriate to ask you through this media. I am by the way very happy with the medical attention I am receiving but I understand it can be wise to seek second opinions.

      I was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost one year ago. The eight biopsies showed Gleason 8 (4+4) in 70 % of the tissue. It did not indicate that the cancer had spread. My PSA level was 24 but after two weeks I was told it had increased to 36. I was immediated prescribed Casodex which I took for about three months. My urologist advised me to opt for radiation rather than surgery. My PSA dropped to 5 but because my testostorene levels remained high radiation was postponed. My hormone medication was changed from Casodex to Procrin (quarterly injections subsequently changed to semestral injections). In January 2012 my PSA dropped again to 0.6 and my testostorene level had also dropped satisfactorily.


      On the 1st April 2012 I was put on an anti flatulence diet, On the 10th April I had a CATscan of the prostate in preparation for the radiation. Since then I have continued the diet and the accompanying medication but I have heard nothing from the hospital concerning the radiation treatment. Two weeks ago I went to see my oncologist/radialogist who told me I must just wait to be called. There is a long waiting list. 

      My concern is whether any further delay in the radiation therapy could be detremental - or is this waiting perfectly normal?

      I am sorry to be somewhat long-winded but I thought it would be helpful for you to have all the information.

      I thank you in advance for your opinion. 


                                John Patrick Holland 


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