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Friday, May 29, 2009 TOOYOUNGFORTHIS, Community Member, asks

Q: Prostatitis for 5 months, all antibiotics taken, and prostatitis is still here. What to do please?

Hello. I'm 35 y/o. I have had this prostatitis for 5 months (I have had prostatitis episodes since age 25). I have been given various antobiotics by an urologist.

Currently in my 4th week of taking Flomax + Doxicycline+ Naproxen.  The sensation of swollen thing in the perineum is still there. Plus, now it hurts above the penis (the bladder?), and my ejeculation fluid has been reduced to a few drops. Erections are not as hard when having intercourse.


I have tested negative in all STD test, and also got an ultrasound imaging of my prostate and vesicule. Dr. said no structural problems.


What to do?? What do I have? My doctor talks about some prostate surgery. I'm 35 y/o and don't want to cause any damange to my prostate or sexual fuction.


Thank you very much.

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Dan, Editor
6/ 4/09 12:06pm



Thanks for your question.  We've actually received many questions from young men in your place--extended episodes of chronic prostatitis that don't seem to respond well to treatment.  Dr. Feeney recently wrote about chronic prostatitis, and how it isn't well understood.  One of the treatment approaches to chronic prostatitis is an extremely long course of antibiotics--6 to 8 weeks or even longer if the situation demands it.  There is a chance that your current treatment regimen will work if the course of antibiotics is extended.



PTower, Community Member
7/ 7/09 10:52am



I am 49....physically. I have had two really long events. The longest time that I took doxy was 4 weeks. Then followed by Bactrim DS for another 4. Sometimes is takes longer. As far as the sensation, I have what I call the "golf ball" feeling between my anus and scrotum and when it really flairs up. I have burning at the base of my penis.

Force fluids, no alcohol.....water water water. 



yt, Community Member
12/27/09 9:06am



have similar events, but mostly the burning. been on cipro and then bactrum for abbout 2 weeks each. onlly bactrum mildly helped but then it came back.


did each event go away after the long course of antibiotics?

PTower, Community Member
12/27/09 10:13am

I finally stopped the antibiotics...took one month of flomax in conjunction with Avodart. I am currently on Avodart or the generic knows as Dutasteride 0.5mg for  just now 4 months. My symptoms have significantly decreases. I will say something here about stress and caffiene. The great orgasms are 75% of what they use to be, sex drive is down, my sperm and semen are about 75% less then what I could "let go". But BPH is stay. I can urinated and so far, no surgery. Oh and the drug companies /for Avodart have us by our balls!  $$$$$$$$ on the monthly scripts. Im just saying....Canada and UK prices are sig cheaper.  


Gool luck....



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