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Friday, January 23, 2009 Berna Touma, Community Member, asks

Q: Do men urinate inside the female vagina while having their orgasm?

During our intercourse, especially when i am sitting on over his organ , we reach  our orgasm together but the problem is i have water coming out from the vagina like one of us urinates during the course. Myself' i don't feel i am responsible for this since once i get up i have nothing dropping out. my question is : Do men urinate inside the female vagina while having their orgasm?  if this case occurs' how can we check it & how can we treat it?

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philipuso, Community Member
1/17/10 11:49pm

If a male decides to urinate close to orgasm, would the female enjoy the high pressure stream of urine inside the vagina?  Is there health implications of doing this?  I have a side effect of medication that causes me to want to urinate close to orgasm and it feels really good to urinate and delay orgasm for later.

jadebilton, Community Member
1/29/09 4:11pm

Hi i dont have a huge answer for your question but i do know that when a woman has an orgasm she ejaculates too and for a woman this is like  a urine type liquid. Whereas the liquid from just an orgasm alone from both a man and a woman is a thicker substance. It may be that when u lead the sex between you and your partner you have a stronger orgasm and this may also lead to you ejaculting at the same time. Hope this has helped.

Okwandu, Community Member
1/30/09 11:41am

You may try to find out by making sure that both of you empty your bladders immediately before engaging in intercourse. This will rule out any accidents due to incompentent bladder sphincters during intercourse.

GRAMMA, Community Member
3/ 6/09 1:27pm

Google "squirters" - some women ejaculate a larger volume of fluid than others.

looking4answers, Community Member
9/ 8/09 11:05pm

I have had this problem with my husband and I, so i can tell you that yes it happans. We went to the doctor and he said that most men dont do it however with some men if they have ever had a accident as a child or blunt testicle damage it can happen. What happens is there is a flapper in there that usually closes during ejaculaton but with some men it doesnt work all the way. With my husband and I it came to the point we arent allowed to be intamant with me on top due to the uriane will go back into his bladder and cause infection. So if you fill that this is whats going on he needs to be checked. Its not something that will go away or stop, but if not checked it can go from the bladder and over time to the kiddneys... Hope this helps !

condelicious, Community Member
3/23/11 1:06pm

Men cannot urinate inside the feamle vagina while having their orgasm because when ejaculation occurs and sperm enter the prostatic urethra from the ejaculatory ducts, the bladder sphicter (internal utheral sphincter) constricts. This event not only prevents the passage of urine into the urethra but also prevents the sperm from entering the urinary bladder.

PISCES307, Community Member
4/15/12 4:33pm



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