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Monday, May 10, 2010 RandomGuy28, Community Member, asks

Q: Tip of Penis (opening) is Red/Bloody and hurts

I recently started getting pains at the tip of my penis (opening) few weeks back.  I am not sexually active but did come close few weeks back but did not go in. The tip looks bloody/red and it hurts when I walk and it hits/touches my boxers/pants. Also when I urinate, it seems to block the flow for a second then it opens up when it cannot handle the force. Please let me know if you know what this is as I am very concerned. I can provide you any information if you need. I am not sure if I am in the right forum as well but please do help. Thanks

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cskim86, Community Member
5/13/10 1:48am



after all soft tissue issues have been ruled out, try going to the chiropractor. I understand that the sensation is bothersome. Also, the sight is unsightly. I understand. I have just began to recover this week, after two weeks of chiropractic adjustments. Do some research on PNE (Pudendal Nerve Entrapment). You may be skeptical due to the redness you see, but please try it. I am slowly but surely beginning to recover after 10 months of this horrible symptom. I had tried creams, antibiotics, antivirals, & finally a biopsy which revealed nothing. Then, I finally tried going to the chiropractor because I had some back pain, some groin discomfort, some left thigh discomfort, and tip of penis pain/discomfort/irritation. After about 3-5 short treatments I feel so much better. The sensation is diminishing and the redness is slowly fading. Truly mind blowing.


Again, I urge you to rule out infections by getting tested for stds, prostate problems, skin disorders, etc. If all have been ruled out try visiting an experienced chiropractor. Explain the symptoms exactly and ask if he/she has treated such symptoms before. 


I am more than willing to help those who are undergoing such stress. I have been dealing with this for roughly 10-11 months and I am finally beginning to feel relief for the first time ever. If you have any more questions or need some kind of advice please feel free to e-mail me at cskim86@gmail.com


Hang in there fellas.

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