Check a Symptom

Take charge and become an active participant in maintaining and monitoring your health. Use our tools and information to help decide if it’s time to call the doctor.

  • Prostate Check For Men
    Take this short questionaire from the American Urological Association to help you decide if you may have issues with your prostate that need to be treated.
  • Symptom Checker
    Use this tool to check a symptom that you or a loved one is experiencing by clicking on the affected body part. The symptom checker allows you to search by gender, and by adult or child.
  • Enlarged Prostate Symptoms and Diagnosis
    Get an overview of BPH symptoms and how the condition is typically diagnosed.
  • Frequent Urination - "Too Many Bathroom Breaks"
    Find out the causes, risk factors and treatments for frequent urination, a symptom that can indicate a variety of different conditions.
  • Weak Stream
    Learn about the different conditions and factors that can cause a weak urine stream, and the treatments commonly used to improve flow.
  • Urinary Incontinence - The "Leaky Plumbing" Problem
    Incontinence, or the involuntary loss of urine, can be a symptom of several conditions.  Learn what causes incontinence, and the common treatments for it.
  • Urination - difficulty with flow
    Difficulty starting or maintaining a urinary stream is called urinary hesitancy. It is common in older men with enlarged prostate glands.
  • Blood in Urine
    Blood in the urine is a symptom that should never be ignored.  Learn what may cause bloody urine, and the most common treatments for it.
  • Blood in the semen
    Blood in the semen, called hematospermia, may be undetectable (microscopic) or visible in the ejaculation fluid. It could be a symptom of something wrong in the prostate.
  • Erection problems
    Prostate surgery can cause erectile dysfunction. Learn more.
  • Penis pain
    Penis pain is any pain or discomfort in the penis and could be a symptom of an inflamed prostate gland.
  • Symptoms
    Prostate cancer usually causes no symptoms in the early stages. As the malignancy spreads, it may constrict the urethra and cause urinary problems.
  • Causes
    The symptoms commonly associated with BPH are collectively called lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). It should be noted that BPH is not always the cause of these symptoms.
  • Urine - bloody
    In men, what may be mistaken for urinary bleeding is sometimes a bloody ejaculation, usually due to a prostate problem.
  • Frequent or urgent urination
    Prostate problems can be a cause of frequent or urgent urination. Learn more.