Spring Has Sprung on Top of My Head: Dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hair Loss

Cathy Health Guide
  • Spring has come early for those of us in Chicago and we are welcoming it with open arms.    For the last few weeks my morning walks have been energized by the sounds of birds chirping early in the morning.  I find myself laughing out loud as I watch both the squirrels and the birds chase each other in play.  I feel like a child as I run with Izzy to chase after a flock of geese.  I have become obsessed with the sky as I marvel at an early morning sunrise or observe the changing clouds of the day.  Spring brings a special magic to life again as we watch tree buds begin to pop, yards turn from brown to green overnight, and warm breezes remind us of the simple joys in life.  It is as if the world has come alive again!

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    Spring has also brought new life to my scalp!  After several complaints to my rheumatologist about the large amount of hair I have found in my hands and down my drain after shampooing or drying my hair since starting on Arava, she recommended taking Biotin at my last appointment.  Reading about Biotin online provided mixed information but I felt motivated to try it after reading a few successful reports from others with rheumatoid arthritis. Eight weeks after starting on this supplement, it appears to be working.  I can see hairs sprouting around my forehead!!!!    It is like the flowers that pop out of nowhere with spring, one day there is nothing and all the sudden you see them everywhere.   Now, I cannot report that the new hairs on my head are popping up in a full spectrum of beautiful colors as nature around me seems to be doing.  Instead, my hairs are all coming in one distinct color – gray!  I have quite a few gray highlights already, so this comes as no surprise or disappointment.  I am just happy to see new hairs coming in instead of always falling out. 


    How is spring looking so far for you?  


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Published On: March 19, 2012