Moving Beyond Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cathy Health Guide
  • Two years ago I made some dramatic changes in my life. I returned to medications and once again tweaked my diet to one that I feel will last a lifetime. The combination of medications and diet has been good. For the most part, the inflammation in my body has calmed down and I am able to enjoy life doing just about anything I set my mind on doing. At first this new found ability to move without pain was scary since I had known pain better than no pain. Each little move seemed like a miracle. “Did I just move and not experience pain?” I felt like the first year was a year of amazement. The second year has been a year of getting back on track with life.

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    As my pain levels dropped and my ability to move became easier, I realized it was time to move out of rheumatoid arthritis mode and into setting new goals for myself. My two teenagers both started high school this year rather than homeschooling, which believe it or not has meant more work for me, but I love it. I love being a part of my kid’s experiences. Watching them blossom is absolutely amazing. I also have taken on more teaching hours. I am very fortunate in that I LOVE my job. I feel like this is the job I was meant to do and each day is a special day.


    Work and kids keep me busy in a good way. It is nice to focus on something other than pain and getting well. As my good days have outnumbered my bad days I have found it more difficult to come up with rheumatoid arthritis topics to write about on a monthly basis. Last month, I made the decision that it is time to stop writing for HealthCentral so that my energy can go to other projects and goals. Of course my primary goals will continue to be my family and work. I will also continue working as a board member for Show Us Your Hands!, as this is a project that just makes me happy. I have also set a BIG goal for myself. As I watched the energy and enthusiasm that came from my daughter as she ran cross country this year, I was infected with the desire to experience the same feelings and have signed up to run a 5K in October. My original goal was to run the entire 5K without walking. I know I can do it as I have completed that goal several times on runs by myself, but the last few weeks rheumatoid arthritis has returned in a small way (it never wants to be out of the spotlight for too long, does it?) and I have to live up to the original deal I made with myself which was if my body told me to slow down, I would do so. After a little soul searching, I am fine with the fact that this goal may not be to the level I had hoped, but that I am still doing it!!!!


    I want to thank each of you that have read my posts over this last year or so and especially to those that left comments. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this community. I know that I am in a fortunate place right now with rheumatoid arthritis and I send out healing thoughts to each of you every day that you too may experience the same thing in the near future.

Published On: October 12, 2012