Resources for Understanding and Treating RA

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  • The following is a list of some new resources, books and education materials for people with RA live better, feel better, and communicate better with their physicians:

    1. The Arthritis Foundation recently announced its “Let’s Talk RA” campaign designed to help people communicate more effectively with their doctors. The campaign includes a free communication guide offering tips on the kinds of questions to ask your rheumatologist, suggestions for discussing treatment plan options and healthy lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. The free communication guide is available from the Arthritis Foundation's Web site, or by calling 1-800-568-4045.

    2. The second part of the campaign will be a series of 10 town hall meetings happening across the country beginning in March 2007 for people living with RA and their caregivers. Speakers will include medical experts from the Arthritis Foundation and community rheumatologists among others. They will discuss the importance of communicating effectively with rheumatologists, disease management and making healthy lifestyle choices. To locate a town hall meeting near you, see the Arthritis Foundation website listed above.

    3. Three new books have been published this year to help people with arthritis learn about the disease, explore diet and exercise options, and learn about treatment options. They are:

      • The First Year-Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (First Year) by M.E.A. McNeil, 2006 (This book is written from a patient’s perspective and discusses the disease, treatment options, diet, exercise, social and emotional issues).

      • The Arthritis Foundation's Guide to Good Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, 3rd Edition by Dorothy Foltz-Gray, 2006 (This book discusses new research and treatments options, offers a guide to drugs and medications, and offers suggestions for stretching and exercise as well as making healthy diet changes).

      • Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis (Overcoming Common Problems)
        by Philippa Pigache, 2006 (This book explains the symptoms of RA, possible causes, diagnosis and treatment. It includes discussions of psychological aspects, medication, pain management, therapy, and surgery as well as lifestyle issues and suggestions).

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Published On: September 25, 2006