Making Excuses For Not Exercising

Seth Ginsberg Health Guide
  • During “snowmageddon” this week in the North East, something amazing happened. Even though it has been years since I’ve been in school, I had a flashback to the feeling of flutters in my heart when I learned that we had a snow day – and no school. It was earlier today, when I got an email saying that my gym and healthclub was closed on account of weather. The ONE DAY I planned to work out, and now can’t, due to the snow.

    Yea right.

    But on the long list of excuses for not going to the gym, “snow day, gym closed” ranks high as a bulletproof reason not to exercise.

    When you have arthritis and when your schedule is as hectic as mine is, getting to the gym (physically) can sometimes be a challenge. Which is a shame, given all of the benefits of exercise, and the incessant nagging by my doctors and family that I should really get more active. And yet, I have become a master of excuses, from the very lame to the very technical. And sometimes, the universe becomes aligned and those excuses are laid out at my doorstep.

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    So instead I remain holed up in my tiny New York apartment, sitting at my computer, eating comfort food from the moment I awoke, thinking how much of a shame it is that I can’t get to the gym. I must be getting old, because the thought of going to school sounds better than going to the gym. But for the time being, neither is happening.

Published On: February 12, 2010