Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • A lot of people in our community have young children and all the responsibility, joy and sometimes heartache that comes w/being a parent.


    I was wondering if any community members are also caregivers of elderly parents, or other elderly relatives.  If so, how do you manage caring for others while have a chronic illness yourself?


    Do you get any support from other family members?  Do you have any time for yourself?  Does this added responsibility cause stress that causes you to flare?


    It seems like a lot of adult children are also losing their jobs, at least in the US, and moving back home until they can get back on their feet.  That could be a blessing and/or an additional stressor.

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    Just thought if anyone was in one of these situations, they might want to share their experience and maybe help others w/suggestions for dealing with the additional stress.






Published On: December 13, 2010