Preparing For My Next Rheumy Appointment

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • As  you all know by now, my mission is to find something to stop the joint destruction in my hands and feet caused by Erosive Inflammatory Osteoarthritis, or EOA.


    Plaquenil was working well, but I can't take it anymore. I have been researching this condition and have read countless abstracts.


    Tonight I found two reported studies. One said that EOA patients benefited from taking Methotrexate.  Another study said that EOA patients benefited from injections of Remicade into the hands. 


    I really don't want to take MTX or Remicade, but if it will stop the joint destruction, I am willing to give it a try. EOA destroys the joint and the bones in the hands,  or whatever joints it happens to be in, have central erosions.  My doctor explained it as being like RA as far as the pain and joint destruction are concerned. 

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    I am going to keep up my research.  If anyone has any information that might help, please share it with me.  As far as I can tell, there is not an established treatment for this condition. Generally it is just in the hands.  I have it in my hands and my feet, and I am starting to wonder if I have it in my hips.  My research did uncover reports of EOA in the large joints of a small percentage of patients.


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Published On: January 02, 2011