Hip Injections Today...And Some Questions Answered...

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I saw my orthopedic surgeon yesterday and he is going to inject both my hips with a steroid shot this afternoon.  He is going to call me when he is out of surgery and I am going to meet him at the local hospital when the cat scan is free. Hooray!  He and his office staff are so caring.  We are lucky to have him here in this rural area.


    I also asked about my EOA yesterday. I told them I was tired of no one telling me anything.  The NP said the EOA in my hands and feet is "just like RA".  I told her I can't play my guitar anymore, and I don't want to take drugs w/side effects if my hands are just going to end up crippled anyway. She said they do use MTX sometimes and Remicade injections in the hands, but she didn't have an answer. She asked what my rheumatologist said, and I explained he was "thinking" about it.  She said he is a good doctor, and to work with him and see what he thinks.

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    Yesterday was a bad day.  I work on the computer all day at work, and I had a lot of trouble with my hands hurting.  I now write with the pen between my index and third finger, as I cannot hold a pen the normal way.  My hands are getting worse at an alarming rate.  My toes have increasingly frequent sharp pains shooting through them that make me resort to walking on my heels at times.


    I hope my hands don't get so bad that I cannot do my work.  That is my concern at this point.  One day at a time.


    Hope everyone is doing well. I am looking forward to the hip injections.  They will get rid of some of this pain, at least for a while.




Published On: January 06, 2011