Let's Have A Virtual Front Porch

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  • If you are as old as I am, you may remember that almost every home used to have a front porch.  Almost every front porch was the meeting place for neighbors, family and friends on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  My grandparents were both from WVA, so there was alwasys fresh-baked pie and hot cofee ready for anyone who stopped by to chat. That was just the way it was.


    If you are young, you may not have had this experience. I remember these occasions w/a fondness that makes me smile inside. When we built our house ten years ago, I made sure there was a front porch w/a porch swing.  It just makes me feel good to see that front porch when I turn into my driveway every evening.

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    On that note.........I thought it might be fun to have a Virtual Front Porch Visit.


    The topics are:     What Do You Do For Exercise When The Weather Turns Cold?


                              What Is Your Favorite Dessert?


                              What Type Of Music Do You Most Enjoy?


                              If You Are Working, Do You Like Your Job? (what do you do?)


                              Do You Have Pets ( cats, dogs, fish, ferrets, birds, etc)?


    Pick just one or as many topics as you wish.  We could have a "virtual visit" and a mini mind vacation from our physical issues.  Might be good for the soul, and the body.  Smile


    Peace to all,




Published On: January 09, 2011