Health Insurance and Prescription Drugs......Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I received a letter from my health insurance company saying they would not pay for one of my meds anymore unless I filled it through their mail order pharmacy.  I am out of this particular medicine Wed of next week. So.....called the doctor's office, then called the insurance company and had them fax my doctor's office.  I am supposed to have my script in three days if all goes well. This particular script still costs 1.00 a pill, even thru the mail-order pharmacy and buying 3 months supply at a time. Crazy!  I have five other prescription meds I take on a long-term basis. Guess I will get those filled thru mail order, too, since the cost of these meds is really getting to my pocket book. I'd rather use my local pharmacist, but what is a person to do?!?  The insurance companies really have us over a barrel.

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    The most lovely part of the process today was the automated voice recognition robo woman who answers the phone when you call.  She asks way to many questions, and some have nothing to do with what the insured is calling about.  They are just looking for as much info about the insured as they can get.


    Sometimes they leave a message on my answering machine at home for a return call. I found out that if I don't call them back, they hold up my claims and then I get a big bill from the doctor, or hospital, or imaging center. So far, they have always asked the same question...........Do you have any other insurance?


    I am so thankful I have health insurance, but these people are quite aggravating, don't ya think?!?


    End of rant.  Embarassed


    Wishing you a pain free week and no calls or interference from the Insurance Robo Woman Witch.  I have it on authority that she has a wart on her virtual nose!!!








Published On: January 19, 2011