Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • Okay, I know it is winter, and I know I live in the Midwest where we get snow, but enough already!  Undecided


    We have had two eight inch snowfalls in the last week. Yuck!  I am starting to think I live in Minneota instaead of Missouri.


    Being the dufus I am, I tried getting by with one less pain pill yesterday and I was stiff and in some significant pain this morning. I didn't know we were going to get hit w/another snow storm. So, I am back up to my normal dose, and feeling much better this evening.  Seems like snow storms and thunderstorms increase my pain level quite a bit.


    The snow is beautiful, but I surely hate driving in low visability on a snow-covered road.  On the other hand, I love being home with a fire in the fireplace and homemade bread in the oven during a snow storm.

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    Hope everyone is well, and safe, and warm.


    Have a great weekend!



Published On: January 21, 2011