Talking To Your Doctor About Pain

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  • I just read a post by Karen Lee Richards on Health Central's chronic pain site. I was interested in the article because of all the hassle Ronie is going through right now with her insurance company and her doctor's refusal to prescribe stronger pain meds.


    Karen's post talks about being prepared to answer five questions for your doctor.

    1. Where are you having pain? 2. When do you experience the pain? 3.
    What kind of pain are you having? 4. How bad is the pain? 5.  How does your pain affect your life?


    Karen Richards recommends keeping a pain log for a couple of weeks and writing down specific things you want to tell your doctor, so that you don't get sidetracked or nervous and forget what you wanted to say. She also stresses the importance of question number five.  Karen states that one of the best ways to answer this question is with examples of what your life was like before the pain, and what it is like now.  For example, you might say something like: "Before I had this pain, I used to work all day, go grocery shopping, and come home and cook dinner for my family. Now, I can barely make it through a day of work, and I spend every weekend on the couch recovering from the work week."  That wasn't her exact example, but it was along those lines.

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    Here is a the link to Karen's article:


    This really is a great post w/a lot of good, practical information.  Just thought someone might want to read her post.





Published On: January 25, 2011