Blizzard Has Come And Gone Leaving Pain In Its Wake

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • We had about 12 inches of snow or more and five foot snow drifts.  The super cold air is coming down from Canada now.  ( I don't know how you take that cold, cold air Lene! )  Wind chill to be -23 in the morning. 


    We bellied out our Arctic Cat today, so we started up the old backhoe and made one trip down the drive and back. The steering on the backhoe is messed up now, so we put it back in the out building and used the Arctic Cat to clean up the mess.  That took a while, as our driveway is a quarter of a mile long.


    I decided my husband had been out there long enough, so I grabbed a snow shovel and started in on a couple of five foot drifts. Then I carried in some fire wood.  That finally got me. I have taken my Tramadol and my Soma and feel better now. I know I shouldn't do these kind of things, but it was a bit of an emergency.

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    Hope everyone is safe and warm. This was a big, bad blizzard and affected a lot of people.




Published On: February 02, 2011