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Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • How do you handle pain?  Do you get grumpy?  If so, do you just try to stay away from others so that you don't "snap" at them?


    Do you sometimes not realize how much pain you are in and realize you should have taken more pain medication than you have? Of course I am talking about as prescribed. For instance, my pain meds say 1 to 2 three times a day. That is a big variance. Sometimes I take too little too late. I have a hard time getting it just "right", especially this winter.


    There are low tech methods of pain relief that seem to help a lot, but it is kind of hard to wrap a heating pad around your neck or wrist or hands at work. Does anyone have any ideas of "low tech" pain relief that could be used while working at a computer keyboard?

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Published On: February 06, 2011