I Think I Am Going To Go Bursaless

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I saw my ortho yesterday.  My bursa in my left thigh/hip area is still inflammed andj hurting, hurting, hurting. So, he has suggested surgery to remove the poor thing.  I had a steriod injection last month and it only lasted a couple of weeks and never took all the pain away.


    My ortho does this arthroscopically, so that is a great thing.  Still have to have general anesthesia...Frown


    The office is supposed to call me soon w/an MRI appt for my hip, as he thinks something may be torn in there, also.  I am hoping that is not the case, because I am afraid if there is something torn, he may have to make a bigger incision. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the pain is just from that swollen, inflammed bursa.  It has caused something called Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

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    I did read that bursitis is far more common in people w/RA.  I have bursitis in both shoulders and both hips.  I have not been dx w/RA.  I just find that fact interesting.  Sometimes I wonder if I could have seronegative RA.  Time will tell.


    If anyone out there has had this type of surgery, I would appreicate your insight. At this point, the tramdol I take barely touches the pain in my hip.  The soma helps, but the pain never goes away, and it keeps me awake at night. I am leaning toward letting the doc do his thing. I'm not getting any younger, don't ya know!




Published On: February 10, 2011