What Would You Do?

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  • I would like your opinion, please.


    SITUATION: Imagine you were told after an MRI that you have hip dysplasia,

    and because of that, you have torn cartilage in your hip. It is painful and stiff.

    In addition to that you have severe arthritis in your knees and shoulders, and moderate arthritis in your hands and fee.  Your orthopedic surgeon says only way to "fix" the hip thing is to reshape the femur and try to stitch the cartilage together, and/or clean up the cartilage tear. You would have to be completely off of your left leg for six weeks.  He isn't pushing the surgery especially hard, looked rather somber when he told you this.  He says the other hip, which is starting to give you problems, probably has hip dysplasia, also. 

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    QUESTION:  Would you have the surgery?  If so, what is your reasoning?






Published On: March 19, 2011