Chloroquine and Blood Glucose Levels

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I am taking Chloroquine prescribed for my EOA.  I noticed my blood glucose leves are back to normal, which is a good thing.  My father is diabetic and I am "prediabetic"...........or I used to be. Smile 


    I did some research on Chlorquine and discovered several studies stating that this anti-malarial medcine lowers blood glucose levels significantly.  That would mean that someone who has low blood sugar on a regular basis would have to be monitored closely while taking Chloroquine.  For someone like myself, who is trying to hold off diabetes, this side effect is a welcome one.  My fasting blood sugar this morning was 90 (normal is 80 to 100).  It has been several years since my fasting blood sugar was in the normal range. Woo Hoo!

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    One study went so far as to question the link between insulin resistance and other autoimmune disorders.   They think there may be one...but that was just one study I found on the web.


    Just wanted to share this information in case anyone else has sugar issues and is taking Chloroquine.




Published On: March 27, 2011