I Want A Jetsonmobile

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • Do any of you remember that cartoon, The Jetsons? ...his boy, Elroy...Jane his wife...daughter Judy...etc etc etc


    I can't sleep tonight, so I am lying here thinking of how splendid it would be to have a Jestsonmobile.  Mine would be the deluxe version.  It would be covered in microsuede on the inside.  There would be a recliner w/heat and massage built in. I would have an anti-gravity swith so that I could turn it on and literally sleep on air.


    I would also have a dispensor for hot chocolate and soft vanilla and chocolate ice cream w/hot fudge on the side. Of course, none of this would make me gain weight.

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    My Jetsonmibile would drive itself. I would just have to tell it my destination.  I would have a fireplace of sorts for roasting marshmallows. There would be room for my two kitties, and they would have their own heated recliners. My husband would have a little workshop in there so he could accompany me on trips and we could actually go on trips because the Jetsonmobile wouldn't make me hurt all over.


    Ahh......I feel better already.  Thanks for listening to my strange ideas.




Published On: March 30, 2011