I Am Fit To Be Tied

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • Hello, Everyone.  I feel a rant coming on.


    I have been in a lot of pain for weeks.  I called the clinic where I see my Rheumatologist today at 8:30 and left a message for a retrun call saying I was in a lot of pain and the I thought I needed some prednisone or something. Also left a message that my ears are ringing.  Finally got a message back after 5 p.m. on my cell phone.  The nurse called, said to stop the Chloroquine ( it can make you lose your hearing ) and that the rheumy wanted me "evaluated" before he prescribed any prednisone. Said to see my PCP. Okay......why would I see my PCP. She sent me to him in the first place. I am calling my orhtopedic doctor Monday to see if they can help me. I am so mad I could cry. My mom said she saw my orthopedic doctor last week and she asked how I was. My mom told her not very good.  The ortho told my mom that I should apply for disability, that she felt sorry for me trying to work, and that if I applied I would get it.  What do you all think?  How do you apply for disability?  Don't you have to be off work for a year? How long before you qualify for Medicare.  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!  I just don't know why my rheumy shoved me off to my primary care doctor.  What the H#$$ is she supposed to do.  Okay...........deep breath.  Thank you for listening.

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Published On: April 01, 2011