Something Different, And Fun

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I saw this done on another forum.  It was kind of fun.  The idea is tho share random facts about yourself.  Let's do ten, and I will start!


    1.  I wear size ten shoes. Embarassed


    2.  I hate coconut.  Frown


    3.  My husband and I will be married 34 years this month, and we are still in love.


    4.  I have three cats:  Teddy, Callie and K.C.


    5.  We live in the country and love it.


    6.  I love to fish.  Cool


    7.  I like to talk...and surprise to you there, I'd guess. Laughing


    8.  I don't like rheumy's, but I am open to the idea that there may be some good ones somewhere. 

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    9.  I  am 57, but I am 25 in my mind. I am a big kid in an old body.  Wink


    10.  I love riding in our Arctic Cat Prowler.  It gets me around the property in a fun fashion, and my husband and I can take a fun drive together w/o ever leaving home.


    Your turn!



Published On: April 06, 2011