I Love My Orthopedic Doctor's NP!

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I saw my orthopedic doctor's NP today.  She is so, so kind. She is the one who prescribed the Prednisone & Celebrex for me Monday morning when I was in so much pain. She is at the top of her field as far as education and assiting in surgery goes.  She is smart, and she is compassionate.  I took her a spring bouquet of flowers w/an angle figurine in it today.  I wanted her to know just how much I appreciate her helping me when the rheumy I called did nothing.


    The NP xrayed my left knee that is still painful and swollen. The xray shows arthritis behind the patella...kneecap, but the joint space isn't too bad yet. She has ordered an MRI to check for torn cartilage and bursitis.  She said we may do some arthroscopic surgery if need be, and some ultrasound treatment to try to calm the infalmmation in my knee down.

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    She also said she thinks I have RA, and if they have to do surgery, they will take a biopsy. She also said that sometimes they know a patient has RA but it doesn't show in the blood tests or even on biopsy.  My PCP who is really a family medicine NP also things I have RA.  The first rheumy I saw years ago thought I had RA.  The last rheumy.......the one is just FIRED...thinks I have EOA.  Who knows?!?  All I know is that something is destroying my joints.


    My ortho's NP also gave me her fax number so I can have FMLA papers faxed to her office. I told her I had missed 11 days of work already this year and I was afraid I was going to run out of days.  She said that would be fine. I'm just thinking I may need to go to physical therapy a few times this year, and I may have surgery, etc.  Just trying to cover my basis.


    I looked FMLA up online, and it does say it can be taken intermittently if a serious health conditions requires it. Do you think this qualifies?  It isn't going to kill me, but it does hurt so much and causes so much fatigue that I need to rest some days. And, I need to go to physical therapy, I think.  I have a phone call scheduled with HR Monday afternoon.  The woman there said she wanted to tell me about my options.


    On a side note, I changed one of my bp meds so that I can take the Celebrex daily and the prednisone when needed. I had to change because taking Lisinopril for bp and Celebrex is bad for your kidneys.  I am getting a kidney test in three weeks and following up w/my PCP to make sure everything is okay.


    The amazing thing is that they gave me a new medicine that is half the strength of the one I was taking to see if I could get along w/that.  The less medicine needed, the better, of course. My bp has been behaving really well, and my doctor is sort of amazed.  I explained to her that my pain level has been cut by 75%, and I think the reason I had to take such high amounts of bp meds in the first place was becasue of the pain I was in. Pain raises blood pressure.  My otho's NP agrees w/my assessment.


    Wow!  I am rambling.  Thank you all for letting me wander around in my mind and on this forum. 


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Published On: April 08, 2011